Custom Wood Work

I believe that inside every person there is an artist and that we are all idealist people and love to see our ideas became real. While I clearly have a passion for wood working, I realized that others appreciate the art and love to own certain pieces. I really enjoy making custom pieces and put my heart and soul into every single order. I credit my amazing customers for helping me grow into a working artist. In recent years, I have grown into the realm of sculpting and creating magnificent pieces of art for displays in local businesses in my hometown community.

-Steve Higginbotham

My Custom Work

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Wood 3D Puzzles

Fun yet challenging puzzles mix engineering and the world of creativity and art together and to give birth to something amazing Puzzles integrate the beauty of machinery and scientific exploration to meet the requirements of the intellectual enthusiasts who advocate science and technology, creativity and freedom. These products are quite popular all over the world. And we have got plenty of positive feedback from our customers. Our goal is to bring an interesting & smart world to everyone who loves robotic and mechanical DIYs.

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